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Coach Kelley's
Collage it Out!

In 2018, to empower myself along my healing journey from colon cancer, I created a fun way to  "put the pieces" of my healing journey together that became my own guide-map. 

Since then the collage-creating experience has also served to benefit clients by....

  • Being empowered to explore their past and present healing journey

  • Expressing emotions in a creative way, especially when words alone can not fully express who we are and what we have gone/grown through.

  • Envisioning the life they desire!  


"Collage it Out!" collage-making is a 

fun way to

also incorporate the

10 Radical Remission Healing Factors into your life:

1)Release Suppressed Emotions - a fun way to be expressive. 

2) Increase Positive Emotions - as you continually add to your collage.

3) Social Support especially when you collage with your family and friends.

4) Empowerment tool for yourself.

5) Follow your Intuition by seeing what your inner intuitive wisdom messages that may show up in  your collage.

6) Build Your Spiritual Connection as you take in your collage with your senses you can invite a greater connection to your spirit. 

7) Strong Reasons for Living - your collage acts as a mirror to offer clarity about what you value. 

8) Engage in Movement and greater connection to your body as you cut and paste images and gather objects for your collage.

9 & 10) Incorporating Dietary, Herbal and Nutritional Supplements  - discover how  you want to support yourself as you make these type of healthy changes.

Colorful Pens

Optional Supply List

These items are only needed if you want to make your own tactile collage as we co-create one digital collage together. (Feel free to keep it simple):

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

  • Colored pens/pencils 

  • Pocket folder or 4 sheets of card stock

  • Meaningful items to paste on your collage: fortunes, things from nature, images from magazines/postcards/ads/fabric/greeting cards/stickers...

Step 5 - Reach out!

You don't have to

collage alone -

Go ahead and discover  even more by scheduling "Collage it Out!"  

with Coach Kelley  

Video Consultation


+1 (209) 600-6801 


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