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What does Embodiment Coaching offer YOU?

When we dial up our self-awareness we are able to live more meaningful and joyful lives despite all the messiness and stress swirling around us.

--Kathy Stepien, MD


This approach to embodiment stems from Embodiment Unlimited Coaching and Embodied Toolkit certification programs that help you tap into how your body responds to various poses.

By doing so, you can gain...

  • AWARENESS - a deeper understanding of yourself and develop tools to navigate life's challenges.

  • CHOICE - help you face your emotions and life experiences with more conscious awareness and choice.

What are Embodiment Poses?

The Embodied Toolkit poses are a powerful tool for transformation, drawing from the wisdom of yoga, martial arts, and archetypal poses. With 26 poses to choose from, together we can find the perfect embodiment practice to help you achieve your goals.

If you're interested in exploring Embodied Toolkit poses, formerly known as Embodied Yoga Principles, you're in luck! Simply click here discover a range of poses designed to help you connect with your body and cultivate a deeper sense of awareness.

What happens during an Embodiment Coaching session?

 Unlike athletic workouts or stretching, the poses used in embodiment coaching are designed to help you connect with your body and emotions on a deeper level.

Experience the transformative power of embodiment coaching.

Check out Mark Walsh displaying some of his Embodied Yoga Principles, which is now known as Embodied Toolkit. These poses are designed to help individuals connect with their bodies and emotions, and to promote a sense of mindfulness and well-being. 

Coach Kelley's journey towards personal healing and her clients' well-being led her to learn how to become an Embodied Toolkit coach. This powerful set of skills enables her and her clients to envision an empowered life through embodiment coaching with poses.

Schedule an appointment  to explore  how to apply these transformational poses to benefit YOU!

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