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"There is no one right way.
There is simply a way that feels right to you." 
The Call of Cancer by Shariann Tom & Keri Lehmann

 Click on options below to find what "feels right"


Healing Factor:


Experience Coaching customized for you along your cancer journey and beyond

Citrus Fruits

Healing Factor:

Radical Dietary Change

Free Resources to Radically
Change Your Diet

Click on both

Rebecca Katz' "Cancer-Fighting Kitchen" images for free course and recipes

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Walking Dogs

Healing Factor:

Exercise & Movement

Free Resource to Motivate & Empower You to Move

Click on "Embodied Yoga Principles" image for an exercise routine and  check with your doctor first before starting a new exercise plan.

Exercise Group

Healing Factor:

Release Suppressed Emotions

Radical way to
Release Emotions

Free Phone Consult

Click on "Hope Overcomes" to find out if Emotional Polarity Technique EPT™  is right for you? 

Assortment of Pills

Healing Factor:

Herbs & Supplements

Free Directories 

Click on "CancerChoices"  to access a FREE directory to search various natural products, herbs, nutrients, supplements and more.

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Assorted Medicine

Healing Factor:

Follow Your Intuition

18 Ways To Develop & Strengthen Your Intuition

Click on the image below to find out how


Healing Factor:

Increase Positive Emotions

Fun Calculator

Click on the calculator to find out your

fun type &
fun reasons for living

Father and Son Playing
Expressive Dance

Healing Factor:

Deepening You Spiritual Connection

5Rhythms Dance

Click on the image below to hear about how people feel their spirit flow through them.


Healing Factor:

Embracing Social Support

Health Navigators

The Cancer Journey Institute

Click on the image below to connect and learn alongside with others on their cancer journey

Diverse Exchange Students
Happy Boy

Healing Factor:

Discover Your
Strong Reasons for Living

Click on the image below

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